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We have 3 qualities of gown.
Our most popular is our Merlin - a fully-flute-pleated authentic gown at a magic price! - just £29.99 including delivery.
We can also supply a similar gown but in a slightly heavier cloth - better for regular use and if you are likely to wear it outdoors - just £39.99 delivered.
Our 'top-of-the-range' Camelot gown is heavier again, more 'full' in its cut and we think it is very like the Ede and Ravenscroft gowns we graduated in -  so it is an excellent garment at just £64.99 delivered.

We can make hoods to your colour choices - for instance a Manchester hood of black, purple and edged gold is just £44.99 delivered and a Nottingham 'arts' hood of black, blue and edged pink in the burgon shape is also £44.99.  The burgon shape - the most practical and stylish hood type - is illustrated below.
Two colour burgon hoods are just £39.99 including delivery and again we offer the colour options you want like Reading in blue and ivory, Exeter in blue and grey, Leicester arts in red and grey and so on and so on.

Our most popular order is a Merlin gown and 2 colour hood at just £69.98 including delivery.

We offer discount for quantity and for several orders to the same address.

Please note that for reasons of copyright we do not claim to make exact copies of official university hoods and our hoods and gowns therefore should not be worn to an actual graduation ceremony.

Because we specialise in individual orders we do not have a 'click-and-pay' system but instead treat everybody as an individual and provide an individual quotation for each customer. There is also no annoying password to either contact us for help, a price quotation or to pay!

Payments can be made to us in 3 ways.

A Paypal payment to our email    knightsofcastlecary@gmail.com

A direct bank payment to:  Sort  20-99-40  account  33034976    to us at 'Knights' and with your surname as reference.

A cheque to Knights of Castle Cary and sent to us at:
Knights of Castle Cary,  Clanville, Castle Cary,  BA7 7PQ

An example of a 3 colour burgon-style hood at just £44.99 made to YOUR colours!