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Hood colours and shapes.

There must be over a thousand hood colours and variations for British Universities. Hoods

 also vary in shape from one university to another and from subject to subject within a

university. We have built-up a dossier of hood colours and shapes for almost all UK

degrees and can thus advise you of the appropriate hood. When contacting us it is useful

 if you tell us your qualification and also any information you have of the hood you

require, be it even a vague recollection of perhaps what you wore many years before!

 Some universities have changed their hoods and others that once awarded CNAA

degrees or University of Wales  now award their own. Hood shapes very a great deal,

 from the simple Bishop Burgon shape favoured by Oxford to the large 'Full Shape'

favoured by Cambridge and also the so-called 'Aberdeen shape'...   and then there are

variants even among these. At Knights we are here to advise!
Remember though that all universities have their official supplier like Ede and Ravenscroft, Northams, Wippell and so on, and these companies hold the copyright along with the awarding institution. At Knights we offer 'likenesses' but do not claim to offer exact copies of official hoods as to do so would breach copyright. If you are buying to attend an official event at the awarding university you have no option than to buy or rent from the official supplier.
Ninety five percent of our customers are teachers and lecturers, while we also supply clergy and church choir members and civic dignitaries.
Our email again:              knightsofcastlecary@gmail.com